Introducing the International Alliance of Community Action Councils

Over the last several decades, numbers of pastors, business leaders and ministry activists have come together regularly to pray for their cities, its leaders and the social issues created by social fragmentation. They were driven by many motivations, including a common quest to exalt Jesus Christ through service, citizen education and effective prayer. In many cities, a multi-jurisdictional body of followers of Christians and like-minded leaders was formed to act in addition to pray. These folks decided to research Biblically based, Holy Spirit inspired, "proven-to-work" solutions and apply them to the problems confronting their communities.

The Statesmen Project refers to this type of local multi-jurisdictional body as a "Community Action Council" (CAC). CACs are pioneering these solutions and the education of the thinking behind them. We believe there are many positives that can come from relationally connecting the CAC leaders in order to share what works, what hasn't, and to encourage and strengthen one another. Hence, the Community Action Councils were formed.

The Community Action Councils are made up of a growing number of city leaders across America and beyond our borders. We are committed to share information, contacts with people and groups who are helping us in our cities, and examples of where God's people are "winning" by God's grace.

To promote information sharing among CAC members The Statesmen Project has created the Community Action Council Survey. Click one of the below options (login is required). Contact to request access or assistance.

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