The Statesmen Project Podcasts


The Statesman Project podcast provides analysis of the shifts and trends regarding the great issues of our day so as to equip our listeners with the confidence to communicate effective strategy, solutions, and policy options within their field of influence. The podcast is designed for leaders and thinkers who currently follow news and trends in international economics and politics, but who wish to consider the unique analysis and solutions brought forth by Christian professionals.


New!Statesmen Project Podcast (Episode 2) - Post-election Analysis hosted by Dr. Simon Mould and Tom Jackson, featuring Marc Nuttle

Our hosts Dr. Simon Mould and Tom Jackson talk with their guest, Marc Nuttle, about the implications of the 2016 election and how the this election provides a significant shift of power back towards the local level. The hosts also share about how each of us can be conduits of healing and understanding in the aftermath of a challenging and divisive election season.

Statesmen Project Inaugural Podcast (Episode 1) - hosted by Dr. Simon Mould and Tom Jackson

The 2016 presidential election is shaping up to be one of the most unusual elections in American history. Voters of both parties have upended the establishment, nominees have broken so many campaign norms in an election that is driven by strong visceral forces among the electorate. This podcast will help Christians navigate through the turmoil as the wrestle with their responsibility and engagement as citizens in this historic 2016 election.